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Welcome to Stereoscopic Microscopes website store where you will find our wide selection of stereo microscopes on a variety of bases and boom stands. We provide discount prices on all of our microscopy equipment. A stereo microscope is also called a dissecting microscope. They are often used in high school biology classes for dissecting worms, frogs, and insects. They are also used for viewing coins, stamps, circuit boards, insects, and as quality control inspection stations for small parts manufacturing.

Our higher grade microscopes have zoom optics. A zoom is the best feature as it allows any magnification within the stated zoom range. A cheap microscope will only have fixed magnification, and may be selectable between two different powers of magnification. Zoom stereoscopic microscopes have the best optics and are well worth the extra initial cost. A true stereo microscope has a pair of objectives, each with independent light paths to the specimen. They also have a pair of eyepieces. The stereoscopic effect allows depth perception when viewing through the microscope head.

Our stereoscopic microscopes have the option of binocular and trinocular heads. The trinocular stereo microscope has a photography port where digital cameras and video cameras can be mounted. We have a good selection of USB computer connected cameras for capturing still jpg images as well as displaying full motion video on the computer screen. If you have a need for a dissecting stereoscopic microscope, please contact us today for a recommendation.

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    We are on a quest in providing you everything that you need to know about stereoscopic microscopes and other microscope applications, we have our reliable reference material that provides us all the correct and updated information about what's happening in the world of microscopy. We are so dedicated that we are bringing you the most compelling and top-notch information delivered straight over the Internet web.


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